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Arsenal Fangirl Harem!

hello, hello, we are the Arsenal girls!

Female Fans of Arsenal Football Club!
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we're the fangirls who actually know what we're talking about.

You've found the first LJ community for fans of Arsenal (the Gunners) made especially for girls!

You may ask, why the segregation?
Well, if you're a female, ever go into a football forum and find yourself discriminated against simply because you're a girl and other members believe there's no credibility to the things you say? Ever see a picture of Robin or Cesc and wanted to fangirl over it but don't for fear of being discredited? Here is where you'll be able to do all those things and not get judged for it! We're all girls here and we know the minds, thoughts and feelings of a fellow fangirl, so don't worry!

Don't just write us off as a bunch of squealing fangirls though. We have in depth discussions and thoughts on the team too! We appreciate the beautiful game and put the club loyalty before the players. So come on, what're you waiting for? Join us! You know you want to ;)

Was your request to join rejected? Click here to find out why!

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